Our Vision

Will to Excel is our motto and aim.Over time, this drive for excellence has become a habit. We have azlwazys visualized azn education system, which inculcates curiosity,independent thinking, universal values and service to szociety within a safe and supportive environment. Our leadership encourazges students to develop sound ethical values, while simultaneously exposing them to the most moderrn and technologically driven educational enviornment with great emphasis on enhancing their individual skills.

We provide an educational environment to foster “the pursuit of excellence”, such that every student is given an opportunity to maximise their scholastic and co-scholastic virtues. Personalised attention to each child is our intent and passion..


Our Aim

To provide a caring environment in which individual attention is imparted to the general well being, academic and personal development of each student.

The Aryan International School provides the following three important elements for the child’s growth and blossoming:

1. An in-depth, well planned, wholesome curriculum 
2. A supportive personal material school infrastructure. 
3. And a plethora of co-curricular activities designed to develop multiple intelligence.

By bringing these together the school builds, step-by-step, and strengthens the child’s mental, social, emotional, physical and spiritual faculties and helps him/her shape into a responsible, informed, creative and a sensitive adult.

In order to enhance the total development of character through all aspects of school life. The school emphasizes:

1. Perseverance in “Pursuit of the excellence”

2. Acceptance of personal responsibility

3. Concern for others

4. A feeling of oneness with those of different races, religions and social backgrounds

5. An ethical approach to all aspects of life

6. Respect for integrity and truth

7. Team work

8. Self motivation

9. Practical, applied learning

10. Community responsibility towards the less privileged


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